Behind the scenes Doctor Who footage includes incredible retro Cybermen

Concept art shows a radical alternate take on the villains. Plus: how to build your own Cybermen!

The Cybermen have had more upgrades than the iPhone. The latest model, a sleek Iron Man meets Transformers version, was last seen in the Doctor Who series 8 finale. But a show reel from the people who made the mechanical monstrosities highlights other radical, retro designs.


Premiered at a Royal Television Society event on Tuesday and first shown online at, behind the scenes footage from Millennium FX features a detailed look at how a Cyberman is made. The company, which produces prosthetics and monsters for the show, also included some stunning concept art that was considered along the way. 

The alternate Cybermen are a nasty looking bunch, what with their external circulatory systems and insectile facial features.

The concepts seem to owe a debt to the Cybermen’s earliest appearances (note the absence of their trademark ‘teardrop’ in the second image) when the baddies looked less robotic and had more obviously organic features. The rock-em-sock-em current versions are great, but we would love to see these guys crop up in a future episode. 


Want to build your own Cyberman? Watch the video for a few pointers. It involves more clay than you would expect.