The best of Doctor Who on Children in Need

The Doctor and Pudsey are old allies...

Since 1980 Children in Need has been raising millions for good causes – and the Doctor and crew often haven’t been far behind.


The Doctor and Pudsey have teamed up to give us some memorable moments down the years and, since we won’t see them working together this year *sob*, here are some of Children in Need’s best Doctor Who-inspired moments:

The Five Doctors (1983)

Believe it or not, this 90-minute classic episode was actually all in aid of Children in Need and makes more recent efforts look decidedly half-hearted. Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Peter Davison and Tom Baker appeared in the special, with Richard Hurndall portraying William Hartnell due to the First Doctor’s death.

Dimensions in Time (1993)

This two-part sketch was broadcast after Doctor Who had been cancelled, but its reunion of Doctors three to seven wasn’t entirely welcomed by fans as it suggested that the sci-fi series shared a universe with long-running soap Eastenders.

Born Again (2005)

Fans’ first proper look at David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor, this mini-episode is set between series one finale The Parting of the Ways and Christmas Special The Christmas Invasion – and piqued viewers’ interest in this cheery new version of the Time Lord.

Time Crash (2007)

The first multi-Doctor storyline of the revived series (before last year’s The Day of the Doctor anniversary) saw the Tenth Doctor meet a curiously aged Fifth Doctor – which caused a few problems in their suddenly shared Tardis.

Space and Time (2011)

These specially-made mini-episodes found Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith and his companions Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) in a spot of bother when the Tardis materialises inside of itself.

The Great Detective (2012)

This prequel to 2012 Christmas special The Snowmen showed the aftermath of Amy and Rory’s departure in The Time of Angels, which left the Doctor heartbroken and unwilling to continue his adventures. Still, the combined efforts of Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), Strax (Dan Starkey) and Jenny (Catrin Stewart) were sure to get him out of his funk, right? Er, maybe not.

Honourable mention – The Curse of Fatal Death (1999)

While this parody of the series was made for Comic Relief and not Children in Need, we couldn’t resist including it. After all, it saw the first female Doctor in Joanna Lumley – and was the first chance Steven Moffat ever got to write for the Doctor.


Children in Need is on BBC1 tonight (13th November) from 7.30pm