The rear-ly good parodies of Kim Kardashian’s bare-bottomed magazine cover

She attempted to break the internet. We're delighted to report that the internet has got its own back...

In thousands of years, when robot historians look back to the dark ages of 2014, it’ll be Kim Kardashian’s behind that will stick out (ahem) as the defining image of our time. We’ve seen it plenty of times in Instagram and Twitter selfless and now we’re subjected to it oiled-up and glistening like the Strictly floor, on the front of Paper Magazine.


“Break the internet”, says the cover line.

And, lo and behold, suddenly Kim was everywhere, assaulting the eyes of casual tweeters and defenceless surfers even more than usual. But then the web went one better and fought back with these excellent memes:

This one combines today’s two big news stories. Kim Kardashian’s bottom…and the Rosetta comet landing. A proud day indeed for NASA.

This meme-artist has transformed her into a monster. (Sadly not a mythical one, some may sigh…)

This one mixes two of the web’s most divisive and searched-for people. Russell Brand shouting Park Life! from Kim Kardashian’s bottom is one for Blur’s scrap book. 

The ideal Christmas present for the cycling enthusiasts in your life. 

This needs no explanation.

Why not put Bruce Willis’s head on Kim Kardashian’s bottom? Why on earth not?


And now, for our own sanity, we’re taking a break from Kim Kardashian and her absurdly shiny behind. If you’ve created your own memes, we’d love to see them. Tweet us @radiotimes and we’ll share our favourites!