The Apprentice episode six in quotes

From board games to the boardroom, the remaining candidates had, as ever, some interesting ideas along the way…

Lord Sugar set the candidates the task of creating a board game tonight. While Team Summit headed down the educational route with GeoKnow – a game where you had to try and guess the country on your teammates’ card –Team Tenacitygot all romantic with Relationship Guru, a battle of the sexes that caused a battle in the boardroom.


Here’s how the task went down in quotes…

Mark was really excited about working with Team Tenacity again:

“It’s hard to fly like an eagle when you’re surrounded by turkeys.”

Particularly Daniel…

“Daniel, project manager on the last task, don’t suggest you should put yourself forward again.”

Over on Team Summit, James was pretty sure there were some candidates around that could do with being fired

“There’s more than dead wood – dead trees!”

But off they all went, Team Tenacity with a dating-themed game…

“It might come across a bit sleazy if you pull this out and say let’s play this dating game…” said the focus group.

A point Daniel was ready to field in pitching meetings:

“It’s a quirky game… It will cause laugh out loud moments… We want you to go ‘Wow, what is this all about?’”

The questions probably didn’t help matters much. Here’s Daniel trying to think up a past time that women might do:

“What do you like doing..? Eating chocolate.”

James appeared to have bigger problems as PM of Team Summit…

“I’m absolutely gobsmacked… I’ve been told that Bianca has offered exclusivity on six games to the area which we’ve got potential to some of the biggest retailers… Is she crazy?!”

Nick Hewer was stunned too:

“Bianca has granted the whole of Westminster exclusivity to one shop in return for a total of six boxes. That is silly business.”

Bianca remained confident in herself:

“As the saying goes, a wise man speaks because he has something to say, a fool speaks because he has to say something… I’m not saying [James is] a fool, but he likes speaking a lot.”

But the move continued to cause issues:

“What you’re saying is, we can only sell it online? No one has ever come into my store and told me when and where I can sell their product,” said a store owner in Westminster

Lord Sugar was flabbergasted:

“You couldn’t make this up. In board game terms you’ve sold Park Lane and Mayfair for a fiver.”

He wasn’t too keen on the dating game questions either:

“Oh, we’re cracking up here”

But it was Team Tenacity that ended up in the firing line and Pamela brought Daniel and Lauren back in the boardroom, where things went from bonkers to serious…

“I’ve heard enough now,” said Lord Sugar, “I don’t want to hear anymore. Daniel, I never thought I’d be lost for words really. I’m struggling to describe you. But on the other hand you’ve got a fire and an enthusiasm in you that I’ve not seen from you Lauren. I don’t see that spark of entrepreneurial spirit there.

“Lauren, I do have a problem, but my biggest problem is Pamela. This task failed because the product wasn’t that good and you had control of that product. Pamela, you’re fired.”


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