Natalie Gumede: I screamed for real filming “absolutely brilliant” Doctor Who Christmas special

The former Coronation Street actress and Strictly Come Dancing star on the scary - and brilliant - seasonal special

Natalie Gumede got a bit of a fright while filming the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special.


The former Coronation Street actress and Strictly star, who is making a guest appearance in the festive episode, found herself actually screaming out loud and “jumping away as far as possible” during a scene with a creepy sci-fi monster.

“One day there was a special effects kind of monster that I thought was rubber and then, on the take, they bought it to life and I screamed and jumped away as far as possible!” she told (we suspect she is talking about the Alien-like monster glimpsed in the recent first trailer for the seasonal adventure).

“It was a completely new realm for me and I kind of sat at the sidelines in awe of all the special effects,” she continued. “Normally you’re on a set and you’re on a street or in a kitchen in a house but this time we were on a spaceship!”

Jumpy monsters aside, Gumede enjoyed swapping day-to-day scenes on the cobbles for something a little more imaginative.

“It was absolutely brilliant. It was a complete eye-opener,” she told us. “It made me a fan of Doctor Who.”

And it changed her perspective on performing in a fantasy setting: “I have a new found respect for actors acting opposite CGI in rubber costumes and masks or against nothing, just a green screen. That’s really challenging to make it real and human.”

The festive special will see Gumede star alongside Nick Frost, who is set to play Father Christmas. Let’s hope he has something in his sack that will take care of those scary monsters…

Doctor Who returns for a Christmas special later this year 


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