BBC Radio 1 launches its own TV channel on iPlayer

Taylor Swift headlines Radio 1's permanent move on to BBC iPlayer as the station beefs up its video content


Maybe video didn’t kill the radio star after all – Radio 1 has launched its own TV channel on BBC iPlayer. 


A Live Lounge performance from Taylor Swift and an interview featuring her and DJ Fearne Cotton are among the items launching the channel today, as well as a run-down of the week’s top 10 singles and highlights from Radio 1’s Teen Awards.

This is the first time that video content from the radio station has been given a regular home on iPlayer, and commits Radio 1 to making more content that people can watch as well as listen.

The move comes following a report by Ofcom in October into how children engaged with media. The findings claimed that 1 in 3 children own their own tablet, compared to only 1 in 7 having a radio in their bedroom.

Radio 1 Controller Ben Cooper said, “Even the most passionate radio advocates know that we need to continue to evolve our offering and ensure we give our young audience a reason to forsake Minecraft and GTA and spend their precious screen time with us instead.”

DJ Greg James showed how the cameras would capture what’s going on in the new Radio 1 studios.

Up until now Radio 1 has relied on its YouTube channel to share its video content, but now the station will encourage listeners to watch content on iPlayer instead. 

The development puts the channel in competition with the likes of online music video channel Vevo and MTV, and comes as discussions are still ongoing about the future of BBC3 and its move to becoming an online-only channel

The plan is for Radio 1 regulars like Newsbeat to film as well as record its news reports, while other regular formats will be introduced as the video offering expands.

5 things to watch on Radio 1’s iPlayer channel

Live Lounge with Taylor Swift Including a cover of Riptide by Aussie songwriter Vance Joy, followed by Fearne Cotton interviewing the pop star in the Radio 1 studio

Official Chart Bite Vloggers Jack and Dean run down the top 10 singles of the week

Radio 1’s Teen Awards Every set from the October ceremony at Wembley Arena

ICYMI or In Case You Missed It, a compilation of the best bits from the past week, this week including – conveniently – One Direction


Royal Blood live The Mercury-nominated band’s Live Lounge set