X Factor: Jay James – from audition to live shows

Is there any stopping the ex-navy solider?

Jay James arrived in this year’s competition with a stunning voice and a passionate personality. A former ex-navy solider, his original audition brought a tear to the eye as his wife and young daughter watched on. Simon Cowell looked like he couldn’t quite believe his luck that an artist like Jay had come into the series.


Here’s Jay performing Say Something by A Great Big World:

Jay had his style sorted from early on and wowed the Wembley crowd with his version of Coldplay’s Fix You. Cowell was even up on his feet.


By the time we got to Boot Camp, Jay opted to sing former champ Leona Lewis’s Run. As he took to the stage all of the six seats were taken, but Cowell was compelled to swap him into his team and take him onto Judges’ Houses.


Judge’s Houses appears to have been the only sticky point for Jay, who suffered with his rendition of Everybody Hurts at Cowell’s LA home. It looked like the X Factor boss might let him go, but he took a chance on him for live shows.


Live shows have worked out pretty darn well for Jay, who’s had very few negative comments from the judges. And viewers at home must be voting in their droves for the star who has made it through each week with no danger of being in the final sing-off.

Jay’s week one performance of Sigma’s Changing remains a stand-out vocal. 


This weekend Jay will sing Queen’s The Show Must Go On.

The X Factor continues Saturday and Sunday at 8:00pm on ITV