Rob Beckett: My mum knows who’s signed up for I’m A Celebrity before I do

Comedian reveals he’s too much of a “runny gob” to be trusted with the celebrity campmate list and while he loves the show isn't quite George of the Jungle yet

Given comedian Rob Beckett is a co-host on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’s ITV2 spin-off show, it’s natural to assume he would know who the celebrity campmates are for this year’s fourteenth series. But as it turns out, he can’t be trusted.


“They don’t tell us because they know, well especially me and Joe [Swash, 2008 King of the Jungle and Get Me Out of Here Now! co-host], we’re runny gobs and we’d tell everyone,” Beckett admits to In fact, even his own mother knows who’s taking part before he does.

“We find out from our mums at home,” the comedian laughs, saying that because the presenters fly out to Australia days before the show starts, they miss the final announcements. “My mum will go, ‘You didn’t tell me so-and-so was going in!’ And I’ll say, ‘I didn’t know either, Mum!’”

While Beckett says he’s one of the only comedians he knows who genuinely loves the show, he doesn’t appear to have found his George of the Jungle legs just yet. Even the Australian crew mocks him for commenting on the heat. “It was like 35 degrees and I said I was a bit hot and they were like, ‘You soft c**k!’

“It is hot mate. I don’t care how Australian you are.”

A trip to the show’s long-standing resident medical expert, Medic Bob, after getting hit by a wave hasn’t improved his manly reputation around the jungle either.

“That’s how wimpy he is,” Swash jokes. “A wave hit him in the face and he had to go and see Medic Bob!”

“I was actually quite excited that I had a bad ear so that I could go and see him,” Beckett chuckles.

Talking of Medic Bob, Beckett doesn’t even get his own fan mail, he gets Bob’s.

“This kid wrote me a letter saying, ‘Are you going back out to the jungle?’ And I said, ‘Yeah’ and he said, ‘Can you send this to Medic Bob?’ I’ve got fan mail for Medic Bob!” he wails.

Maybe Beckett would get more fan mail if he signed up as a camper?

“I’d hate it. It’d be so bleak. There’s nothing in there.”

That’ll be no, then.

Find out who’s rumoured to be taking part this year here.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! returns Sunday 16 November at 9pm on ITV and Get Me Out Of Here Now! at 10:40pm on ITV2


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