Doctor Who: was Death in Heaven too depressing?

Warning – contains spoilers for Doctor Who: Death in Heaven


As the days grow darker and colder, it’d be nice to think that TV would cheer us up a bit – but there was no sign on that in Saturday’s Doctor Who series finale.


Desecrated corpses made into Cybermen – grim. Lovely Osgood (Ingrid Oliver) getting vapourised just before she got to go for a ride in the Tardis – grimmer. Poor old Danny  (Samuel Anderson) trussed up painfully as a Cyberman and then also DYING AGAIN – so grim.

Still, maybe there’d be a nice uplifting ending to cheer us all up? Nope, instead we just got Danny choosing to stay dead, the Doctor failing to find home planet Gallifrey (and taking it out on a surprisingly flimsy Tardis console) and Clara and the Doctor needlessly parting ways due to a mutual misunderstanding. 

Even the sky was bleak, the Cybermen’s seeding clouds casting a greyish pall over the whole episode (the Welsh weather must have saved them a fortune on special effects).If the series carries on at this rate, the Christmas special will see the Daleks harvesting puppies in a bid to kill Santa while the Doctor despondently sips from a can of White Lightning. Can’t wait.


But what do you think – was Death in Heaven unremittingly grim? Or did it add a bit of pathos to a series that’s grown far beyond its children’s-show origins?