Doctor Who: Matt Smith returns in flashback for series finale

A brief clip saw the Eleventh Doctor make a reappearance - but it's not the first time he's been referenced this series


It seems like Steven Moffat still hasn’t quite got the Eleventh Doctor out of his system. First he popped up in series premiere Deep Breath in a time displaced phonecall, then a lookalike (below) muddied the waters for Peter Capaldi’s incarnation in The Caretaker.


And this Saturday night we saw him once again, in a flashback that solved the mystery of who gave Clara the Doctor’s phone number back in 2013 episode The Bells of St John. As many had already assumed, it turns out that it was Missy/The Master acting in a bid to pull the Doctor and Clara together for… reasons. 

Still, it was fun to see a clip from the old episode – a longer version of what the flashback showed can be seen below. It’s weird to think of Missy pulling the strings all that time ago…


But it wasn’t the best callback of the episode – that honour has to go to Osgood’s (Ingrid Oliver) fetching new attire. I’m sure we can all agree – no matter who rides in the blue box, holds the Sonic Screwdriver or saves the universe, bow ties will always be cool. Until the next time, Eleven…