Doctor Who: Is Clara pregnant with Danny’s baby?

Danny Pink is dead – so how do we explain his 22nd century descendant Orson?

Farewell Danny Pink – soldier, teacher, lover, Cyberman, hero…


Yes, after a trip to the afterlife and a return to Earth as one of Missy’s legion of metal minions, Clara’s one true love is finally gone (probably).

Equipped with the rogue Time Lady’s control bracelet, Danny led the rest of the dead-turned-Cybermen into explosive oblivion in the clouds above a graveyard.

A sad and heroic ending no doubt, but one that begs one rather large question – what about Orson Pink?

To refresh your memories, Clara and the Doctor encountered Orson in spooky episode four, Listen – the last man alive, trapped at the end of the universe after a pioneering time travel journey had flung him way past his intended target, “the middle of next week”.

The Tardis took them to Orson after Clara linked to its telepathic circuits, leading the Doctor to suggest that Orson had “something to do with” her time line.

Not only was Orson the spit of Danny but for a sprinkling of grey hair, he also recalled some “silly stories” about his great-grandparents having dabbled in time travel and later handed Clara Danny’s toy soldier – “a family heirloom”.

Orson Pink, everything seems to be telling us, is a descendant of Danny and Clara. But if Danny dies, apparently childless, in the 21st century, how can his 22nd century relative ever have existed?

The only explanation, aside form some timey-wimey, multi-dimensional nonsense, is that Clara is already pregnant with Danny’s child, who will go on to produce further generations of Pinks, including their great-grandson Orson.


This not only explains how Orson comes to exist, it’s also a convenient exit story for Clara following the strong rumours that Jenna Coleman is set to leave this Christmas – after all, a girl can’t very well go gallivanting around the universe in a Tardis with a massive baby bump, can she?