X Factor judge Mel B admits panel share rude notes and pictures during performances

“I am listening, I am paying attention,” says the judge, but it’s not just notes about vocals they’re taking during the songs

X Factor judges Simon Cowell, Mel B, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Louis Walsh can often be seen talking during performances, or crying on the odd occasion. But as it turns out, they’re also sharing rude notes and drawings with each other.


“I do drawings of stuff that get me into trouble a lot,” boys’ mentor Mel B tells Alan Carr on tonight’s Chatty Man show.

“I show it to Cheryl and she laughs, and then I show it to Louis and he goes ‘wow, yeah!’”

This doesn’t particularly sound like the judges are giving the acts their full attention. No wonder Cowell comes out with those weird lines about hamsters in cages, or feeling like he’s eaten six doughnuts instead of five.

But Mel, who is sitting pretty with this year’s favourite Andrea Faustini in her boys’ category, insists she’s doing her job.

“I am listening! I am paying attention! Now I’m going to ban myself from having a piece of paper this weekend because you all bloody know.”

Mel also reveals that, backstage, head judge Simon really does have a bath in his dressing room, which resulted in a strange encounter.

“I did actually walk in on him in the bath the other day. I was sitting there with my cup of tea on the sofa and he walked out of the bathroom with his towel on, and went, ‘Oh, hello darling, I’ve just had a bath’,” says Mel, who admits they then sat and had a chat while Simon was in his towel.

Maybe that’s good inspiration for her next drawing..?

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