Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

10-14 November: Toadie tries to find out who could be stirring up trouble for him and Sonya. Amber finds living with Paige difficult. Danielʼs ex-girlfriend arrives in town

Monday 10 November


Toadie asks Brennan to help him get to the bottom of who is writing mystery letters about Sonyaʼs past. Saddened at the loss of Chrisʼs friendship, Josh decides to give him space while also campaigning at the garage for Chrisʼs job, which is now under threat. When Daniel starts thinking seriously about his career so that he and Amber can afford their own place, a thrilled Paul offers him a solution. 

Tuesday 11 November

Josh has an accident while helping out at the garage and has to cover his tracks to avoid Chris learning what he is up to. Nate, losing patience, tells him to stay away from Chris for good. Terese is puzzled by Mattʼs public displays of affection for Lauren, given what they both read in her diary, but Matt is quick to give her some home truths when she questions him. Paigeʼs presence in the house drives Amber out for some peace and quiet, and things worsen when Paige accidentally hits Amber. 

Wednesday 12 November

After some wise words from Sheila, Paul has decided to set Daniel up as a bar manager. On his first day on the job, his charismatic ex- girlfriend, Rain, arrives in town. Paige seeks advice from Brad about Amber and finally instigates a thaw when she makes dinner for the family. Terese is forced to confront the fact that her marriage needs attention. Brad agrees, but insists that the children must come first. 

Thursday 13 November

As Daniel helps Rain to settle into a new home in Erinsborough, Amber feels unsettled and tries to get to the bottom of why their relationship failed in the first place. The mystery sender of hate mail branches out as Brennan is targeted as well as Sonya. Susan becomes frustrated with Karlʼs reckless plans for spending his scratchcard winnings. 

Friday 14 November


Toadie finally tells Sonya about the poison pen letters, but she has no idea who is responsible. Karl finds out that Susanʼs helping relationship with Nate is affecting her and tells Nate the truth, against Susanʼs wishes. Chris has a seizure shortly after admitting to Georgia that he is sick of the patient-carer dynamic of his relationship with Nate.