Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

10-14 November: The Braxtons swing into action to find Josh, putting Casey in grave danger. Ricky is forced to keep her good news secret

Monday 10 November


The Braxtons swing into action when they hear that Jake is back on the scene and that he may have taken Josh. Jake is not at his hideout, and as the brothers argue, a shot rings out and Casey falls. Meanwhile, Matt steps into the breach left by Kyle to perform at the dance. A disappointed Evelyn misses Josh, while Leah fails to realise that Zacʼs feelings have changed. 

Tuesday 11 November

With Casey lying close to death in Jakeʼs hideout, Kyle orders Andy and Josh to run. By the time the authorities arrive, it is too late and the police have to pull Brax off the body. Josh refuses to forgive Andy for his part in the tragedy and seeks comfort with Maddy. Kyle breaks the bad news to Denny, while Ricky finds that her pregnancy test is positive. Evelyn and Spencer almost kiss outside the school formal. 

Wednesday 12 November

Brax is not coping with Caseyʼs death and he begins to talk about seeking vengeance. Given his mental state, Ricky decides to keep her pregnancy secret from him, but confides in Phoebe. Josh goes to stay under Alfʼs roof and ends up sleeping with Maddy, although he later tells her that their encounter was a mistake. Meanwhile, Sophie apologises to Nate for her jealousy, but Nate cannot forgive her. 

Thursday 13 November

A distressed Sophie finds herself listening to Nateʼs voicemail, where she hears a message from Hannah and turns back to an old source of comfort – her prescription drugs. Denny goes back to work in an attempt to block out the pain. John is avoiding Shandi, which leads her to take her frustration out on Marilyn. Roo pushes Leah to find out what Zac really feels. 

Friday 14 November


Shandi is appalled to discover that the wedding has been postponed and tells Jett, who takes action and persuades John to reinstate the original date. Sashaʼs admission to Matt that Casey was her first love brings them closer together. After a series of misunderstandings, Zac and Leah finally get their act together.