Exclusive Doctor Who Death in Heaven poster revealed

Download designer Stuart Manning's latest stunning retro poster, plus every episode poster from series eight

As the Doctor and the Master clash and the Cybermen march on earth, the end is near for series eight of Doctor Who. Sadly, this also means the end for Stuart Manning’s ever-popular episode posters – at least for a while, anyway. Still, we’re going out with a bang with this inkblot-inspired picture – and you can see the whole collection in our gallery below.


“It’s the finale! I wanted to do something really simple and stark for this, which was absolutely in no way dictated by stringent embargoes and a lack of advance plot info,” Stuart told RadioTimes.com.

“I love Rorschach-style inkblots, not least because they look like 1960s Doctor Who title sequences, and they dovetail nicely with the symmetrical shapes of the Cybermen. 

“It only occurred to me afterwards that the whole image is loosely influenced by Daniel Kleinman’s amazing title sequence for Skyfall – if you’re going to steal, steal from the best. I expect it’s how the opening titles to the new exciting spin-off series Missy Master will look…”

[Click to enlarge]

Doctor Who is on BBC1 tomorrow (8th November) at 8:00pm