Russell Brand tweets PARKLIFE! and ruins it for everyone

The comedian and activist has seized upon a Twitter joke made at his expense

It was the internet craze that just kept on giving. Juxtaposing the words of Russell Brand with 1994 Blur hit Parklife was an activity that just about everyone could get behind – but now it looks like it’s over.


There were hundreds of tweets, Amazon reviews, mash-up vines and even full music videos seeing the comedian-turned-activist’s words infused with the spirit of Phil Daniels and Damon Albarn due to Brand’s similarly verbose delivery.

Well, it’s just no fun anymore is it? It’s just too meta now. And what really rankles is that he hasn’t even got the joke right, just sort of randomly saying it at someone speaking fairly normally who isn’t Russell Brand. It’s really not in the spirit of it.

If he really wanted to make an effort, Brand should have popped the lyric into his next TV appearance, perhaps at the end of a particularly impassioned plea for the oppressed.

It could have been a grand exit for the joke – but instead we got this mess, and now we’ll have to go back to normal. Tweeting PARKLIFE is over, and it’s all Brand’s fault.


Still, that’s Russell Brand for you – he does love the status quo.