Matthew McConaughey: how I got my head around “awe-inspiring” Interstellar

McConaughey, who stars as pilot Cooper, says starring in the space-set movie has made him think about time, gravity and the realms of possibility

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar sees mankind travel vast distances into the unknown, so it’s not surprising that star Matthew McConaughey’s horizons have also been expanded by his role in the space-set adventure. 


“It heightened by curiosity because I had never really thought about those things before,” McConaughey reveals. 

“The theories are pretty awe inspiring. You know, how gravity works and how time works in different places… What would happen if you went through one of these worm holes or black holes.”

The film, which hits UK cinemas tomorrow, sees McConaughey play Cooper, a pilot-turned-farmer who is harvesting one of the earth’s last crops of corn. With life on our planet becoming increasingly unviable, Cooper and a group of explorers set out into space in the hope of finding sustainable life and a future for mankind in another galaxy.

“I needed to understand the plausibility, one for myself but two, Cooper’s the pilot, you know. I’m in charge,” he continues. “The concepts that Chris [Nolan] comes up with and he’s able to realise on screen, yeah, I don’t know where and how his mind works to come up with these things!”

“It was more a question of… what are the possibilities of real physics?” says Nolan, “Because those possibilities are, they are quite extraordinary and really beyond anything you could just dream up as a screenwriter.”

“It’s pure imagination but it also defies imagination,” adds Anne Hathaway, who plays McConaughey’s fellow explorer Amelia. 

Watch McConaughey, Hathaway and Nolan in our exclusive interview: 


Interstellar, which also stars Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine and Matt Damon, is in UK cinemas 7th November