Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged and the internet is crying right now

This morning the Sherlock actor placed a classified ad in The Times announcing his engagement to theatre director Sophie Hunter. Twitter is rather emotional...


The world has barely got over George Clooney walking down the aisle. Now we’re expected to swallow the news that Benedict Cumberbatch has popped the question to his theatre director girlfriend Sophie Hunter. 


The Sherlock actor stayed classy in his announcement of impending matrimony, placing a discreet 30-word classified advert in The Times newspaper this morning. 

The reporting may be brief, succinct, composed – but the reaction among fans certainly wasn’t. There were tears, emotional gifs, outpourings of grief, existential questioning, lamentations, pillow-hugging. But if you’ve spent the morning with a box of tissues and jumbo bar of Dairy Milk, you should know that you’re not alone. 

@maeganmagno and @KellyAlyse are among those crying a river right now. 

While @lavelleophobia has just about avoided that streaky mascara look. 

For some, the prospect of carrying on as normal was just too much.

Bet you could do with one of those right now.

For those who made it into the office, it was a grim sight.

There is some genuine heartbreak out there.

Emily makes a good point… 

And let’s face it. If anyone was in with a chance, it was this lady.


So, do as the otters do and stand by one another in this time of need. It can only get better.