New Doctor Who series eight finale trailer shows Cybermen on the prowl

The Doctor must take on Missy and her steely allies – but what are those ominous-looking clouds?


Buckle up – it looks like there’s stormy weather ahead for the Doctor (Peter Capaldi).

We last saw him reeling from Missy’s (Michelle Gomez) dramatic revelation, as the Cybermen stormed London – and it looks like he remains on the back foot in Death in Heaven.

In a new trailer for the series finale, we can see the Doctor, Osgood (Ingrid Oliver) and Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) deal with an unwanted visitor on their plane before the Cybermen take off from St Paul’s Cathedral – and there are some ominous-looking dark clouds on the horizon.

It look like turbulent times are ahead for the Time Lord…


Doctor Who: Death in Heaven is on BBC1 this Saturday 8 November) at 8.00pm