Has Tom Cruise just gone one better than these sensational movie stunts?

As the actor hangs off of an Airbus 5,000ft above ground for Mission: Impossible 5, we look back at some of his most eye-popping stunts

Tom Cruise may very well have just pulled off his finest stunt during filming for upcoming flick Mission: Impossible 5. Photographers have captured the daring actor 5,000ft in the air, hanging from an Airbus – in a tailored suit, no less.


Yes, Cruise is back as kick-ass agent Ethan Hunt, with the film shooting here in the UK, including inside our very own Parliament.

It’s quite a feat when leaping out of the world’s tallest building is no longer your best stunt work. But this most recent bit of death-defying acting may very well give these jaw-dropping stunts a run for their money…

That Burj Khalifa jump in Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol 

At 2,716.5 feet high, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the world’s tallest free-standing structure. But that didn’t stop Tom Cruise from wanting to leap out of it. The cross-winds caught him off guard a bit, he has since joked. The 163 floors would have done us…

The iconic Dead Horse Point rock climb in Utah for Mission: Impossible 2

Yep, Tom did all of this solo climbing as Ethan Hunt, apart from the slip off the overhang – his main stunt double, Keith Campbell, did that bit. Cruise is even said to have gone straight to a press conference for the film afterwards, rather than spend a bit of time thanking his lucky stars he came away with ‘just’ a ripped shoulder muscle.


Just a simple free-fall from a building in Shanghai for Mission Impossible 3…

Even director JJ Abrams had second thoughts about suggesting this scene as he knew Cruise would do it.

“I’d say, ‘You know, we shouldn’t write this because Tom’s going to want to do it,'”JJ Abrams tells TotalFilm of the sequence. “But it’s too good, we have to throw it in there and see what happens!” Well, this is what happened:


That hoverpack chase in Minority Report

“That was all Tom,” says director Steven Spielberg of a scene which sees Cruise battle multiple flying policemen. The crew had to build an entire street just so they could have the right rigging to fling the star around.


This high-speed car chase in Jack Reacher

Cruise seems quite calm as he explains that when slamming a car into a group of barrels at 60mph, he had a 6-8ft target he had to hit otherwise it would have been “physically detrimental to my future”. The action star even stalled the car mid-scene and still managed to make it work for director Christopher McQuarrie.


That time Cruised whipped Cameron Diaz around on a motorbike

Action-meets-comedy flick Knight and Day sees Cruise and Diaz caught in a high-speed chase on a motorbike. It was apparently Cruise’s idea to throw Diaz around to the front of the bike mid-scene so she could shoot the bad guys.


Jumping out of a hostel for Mission: Impossible 4

This leap out of a window in the Czech Republic almost seems like child’s play for the actor.


Even a live stunt with Cameron Diaz in Knight and Day is no sweat for the actor

No protective equipment? No? Just a t-shirt? OK…


Of course a trip to Top Gear comes with a two-wheeled stunt…

Cruise can’t just take a corner like a normal Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. Don’t be silly.


And while Cruise is certainly not shy of trying out a stunt, he can take the mickey out of himself, too

Check out this behind-the-scenes clip from Knight and Day