Emma Watson’s funniest off-screen moments

From dedicating an award to her late hamster to being fined on the set of Harry Potter for laughing, here are our favourite clips of actress Emma Watson...

Emma Watson is a class act when it comes to acceptance speeches, even managing to raise a smile while thanking her deceased hamster. Yes, the Hollywood actress dedicated her latest win – the 2014 Britannia Award for British Artist of the Year – to her former pet Millie, who died while she was filming Harry Potter. 


As she promises, it’s a sweet if slightly morbid story. The crew constructed a mahogany coffin:

This is not the first time the star has raised a smile during interviews, awards ceremonies and on set. So sit back and enjoy this short history of Emma Watson’s unwitting career as a comedian…


Another year, another awards ceremony: here’s a young Emma gently poking fun at her Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe for skipping the Baftas to revise for his GCSEs:

Let’s not forget the time Watson punched Stephen Mulhern in the middle of an interview:


Nor when she couldn’t stop giggling during another chat about Harry Potter:


Behind the scenes on the Goblet of Fire, Watson manages to make her “manly” description of Robert Pattinson sound surprisingly uncomplimentary: 


On the set of Harry Potter, Watson was given red cards, which cost her money when she ruined scenes with her incessant giggling:


Still not smiling? We defy you not to after eight whole minutes of Emma Watson being endearingly silly: