David Hasselhoff rediscovers the Berlin Wall: Watch an exclusive clip here

Tonight on NatGeo 'The Hoff' ventures back to Germany to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall

On New Year’s Eve in 1989, Knight Rider and Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff performed Looking for Freedom standing on the Berlin Wall, which had been smashed through just months earlier. In a bizarre twist of fate, that song became an anthem in Germany, and Hasselhoff became a household name. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Hasselhoff will return to Berlin for a one-off National Geographic documentary David Hasselhoff Vs. The Berlin Wall.


“We all went for this amazing celebration,” explained Hasselhoff, speaking of his Berlin Wall performance in front of more than a million people. It “was almost like the Woodstock,” he said. In the show, Hasselhoff retells the history of the wall. “It documents the first person who was killed and it documents the death strips and how the Wall began,” says the actor. “Two thousand people a year were escaping, to the point where it got so big and so horrible that only 200 people were escaping… It’s a show that I think will be played over the years [in schoolrooms], because people will be fascinated by it. They will also be fascinated by the personalities of the people, the hunger for life and the joy.

“[The Berlin Wall] gets 900,000 visitors a year – 900,000 people get to look at this Wall, get to touch the Wall, and people will talk about it so it doesn’t happen again, because it is happening.  It’s still happening.  It’s still happening around the world and 25 years later the song Looking for Freedom is still as important.”

Watch a preview of David Hasselhoff Vs. The Berlin Wall below:

Watch David Hasselhoff Vs. The Berlin Wall from 9pm, November 4 on National Geographic Channel


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