Brits would rather have the internet than a cup of tea, a washing machine – or a shower

According to a new survey, as long as we've got wifi, personal hygiene can take a back seat...

It’s no secret that we are all a little bit obsessed with the internet. As a nation, we Brits are constantly checking our emails, updating our Facebook profiles, using Google to cheat at pub quizzes…


In fact, here you are, reading this on  yes, drum roll please  the internet. 

A new poll has found that the internet is THE most essential item for day-to-day living. When it comes to things modern Brits can’t live without, an internet connection apparently matters more to us than having a bath or a shower, being able to wash your clothes – you know, generally being clean.

And we’d eschew more than just good personal hygiene in order to get our fix of the World Wide Web. A wi-fi connection is now deemed more important than a car, a mobile phone, a TV, make-up, chocolate, a cup of tea and our living, breathing, waggy-tailed pets.

The study, carried out by Direct Line, also reveals that our friends, family and even food are now deemed less “essential” than modern technology. 

51% of those polled said they could go longer without seeing their friends than using their mobile phone. 48% said the same about their family and using the internet, while 12% reckoned food was less important than social media.

Seriously. Since when has Facebook and Twitter become more important than protein and carbohydrates?!


Direct Line polled over 2000 adults about the essential items they couldn’t live without