Benedict Cumberbatch really does adore his fans…

In case you were ever in any doubt, the Sherlock actor proves just how much he cares about his Cumbercollective

Benedict Cumberbatch is full of appreciation for his adoring Cumbercollective – and the feeling is certainly mutual.


Each event the actor attends, he is accompanied by scores of dedicated fans, and the star of The Imitation Game takes pains to show them love at every opportunity. 

But if you were ever in any doubt just how much of a fan of his fans Cumberbatch really is, look no further than the interview with National Public Radio below. In it, the Sherlock actor is overheard worrying about a “small but enthusiastic group” of supporters gathered outside the hotel. 

And while he was meant to be speaking about the BBC1 series, it clearly wasn’t the first thing on his mind. “I’m really worried about those Sherlock fans because they have been here probably for a while,” he tells his assistant. “Are they still there? I’m going to go and say hello…”


Have a listen below: