BBC1 series to rehabilitate the shark 40 years after Jaws

The Corporation is to air its first ever series devoted to sharks - and aims to show them as the "fascinating and mysterious creatures they are"

Next year marks four decades since Steven Spielberg’s Jaws first terrified the world and the BBC has finally decided to get back into the water.


A three-part BBC1 natural history series on sharks is in the works, can reveal, and will be the Corporation’s first full-length documentary dedicated to the species (of which there are more than 30 types). And the aim is very firmly one of rehabilitation.

“They have always appeared in other shows but they have never had their own programme dedicated to them,” says series producer Steve Greenwood.

“It is time we saw them as the fascinating and mysterious creatures they are rather than these simplistic under sea monsters. We are on a mission to show the people of Britain that the shark should be loved not feared. They don’t target humans and in the rare cases they do they would only attack you by accident.”

The underwater seascape images promise “a feel of science fiction about the whole thing” adds Greenwood.


And while the narrator is yet to be revealed, it will not be the Beeb’s very own Great White, David Attenborough. The microphone will be given to “a new voice for a new generation”, I am told.