American parents watchdog furious after Charlie Brown cartoon is followed by Scandal sex scene

A scheduling faux pas saw the children's show make way for a raunchy opening sequence from political thriller Scandal

A US parental body has reacted furiously to a piece of TV scheduling that saw a Charlie Brown cartoon followed by a Scandal sex scene.


The cartoon in question was Halloween classic It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, which finished airing on ABC just seconds before a rather raunchy beginning to political thriller Scandal. You can watch the transition below.

US watchdog group the Parents’ Television Council were less than impressed.

“Shame on ABC for putting a peep show next to a playground,” PTC President Tim Winter said. “In less than 26 seconds we were taken from the Peanuts pumpkin patch to a steamy ‘Scandal’ sex scene.”

“Unless parents had the remote control in their hand, thumb on the button and aimed directly at the TV screen, they didn’t have a chance.

“Such a transition is grossly irresponsible by the network and entirely unfair for parents. ABC owes families an apology.”

However, some viewers were more amused than offended by the sexy segue, apparently including Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes, who retweeted the message below:

Another viewer added:


And who knows? It might even get a few more people interested in watching Charlie Brown next year…