The Doctor tells Missy “you win” in clip from series finale Death in Heaven

Will Death in Heaven see the Doctor defeated?

Is it still only Monday?


It seems like weeks ago that we watched the explosive events of Saturday’s Doctor Who, which saw Clara (Jenna Coleman) get ruthless, the Cybermen march on London and – whisper it – the return of an old friend (Michelle Gomez).

But now we’ve had a glimpse of the series finale Death in Heaven – well, a listen, as it’s a radio trailer.

In the short audio clip, it’s clear that things aren’t looking great for homo sapiens – “In 24 hours the human race as you know it will cease to exist” says Missy, before waxing lyrical about her Cybermen allies as “an indestructible army to rage across the universe.”

We also hear Clara standing up to a Cyberman to protect the Doctor (Peter Capaldi), and a chilling request from Missy that echoes similar words she said before killing a character in Saturday’s episode. 

“Say something nice…” she whispers to the Doctor.

His reply? “You win”. 

Brrrrr! As Seb (Chris Addison) says in the trailer – “this IS a bit exciting.” Only five days to wait…


Doctor Who: Death in Heaven is on BBC1 on Saturday (8 November) at 8.00pm