Michelle Gomez: Missy and the Doctor might go further than a kiss

The Scottish actress teases a sexy climax to Doctor Who

It was the moment that had fanfiction writers cheering. Missy (the new female incarnation of The Master) tongue and nose kissing her arch enemy the Doctor was almost as shocking as the final twist in Dark Water. And now actress Michelle Gomez has hinted that the Time Lovers might go all the way.


“It was like kissing the Glaswegian version of David Bowie,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “Well, it was hell on earth, really.” 

Surely that’s an insult to the Peter Capaldi? Far from it. Apparently, the issue is that the Doctor (“he looks great in a three piece suit”) gets Missy all hot and bothered. Gomez explained: “I say it was hell on earth, only because obviously Missy would have liked to have taken it further. In fact, she had to pull herself together.”

Tell us more, tell us more: how much further could Missy and the Doctor go? “Maybe it will be revealed in this final episode… that she gets to take it further!” 


Kissy Missy. It’s enough to make your hearts flutter.