Is Alik Alfus and Louise Thompson’s relationship back on the rocks on Made in Chelsea?

Uh-oh. After Alik finally convinced his girlfriend he didn't cheat, it looks like Louise might have a skeleton in her closet...

It’s been a rocky few weeks for Made in Chelsea’s newest couple. After a blissful spell in New York City, Alik Alfus’s move to London town hasn’t been without its rocky patches. The past couple of episodes have seen him rocked by a cheating scandal after Jamie Laing claimed to have overheard a joke between Alik and Proudlock over a text from a girl following a night out. 


He told Sam Thompson who promptly went trotting off to inform his sister Louise. Last week’s showdown looked to have set the matter straight – “we’ve come out of it way stronger,” claimed Alik – but niggling worries saw a doubtful Louise confront her boyfriend once again, this time demanding she see the offending text. 

“I really don’t want to be the girl that is saying, ‘can I check your phone?’ claimed Louise, before going ahead and doing just that, claiming that “a tiny piece of me doesn’t think that everything you’re saying adds up.” 

His defence? He gave his number to the girl – “that’s what you do in New York”, apparently. But Louise still wasn’t convinced, punching in the sender’s number and giving her a call. “My boyfriend had a message from you on his phone so I need to know if you hooked up.” 

But the boy had been good – a rarity for Chelsea – and it was Louise who was left looking sheepish. “If you’re not going to trust me, I don’t want to do it,” said her indignant boyfriend. 

Although he may be a touch more irate next week if the brief teaser at the end of tonight’s episode is anything to go by as Lucy is seen paying Louise an ominous visit.

“I’m not here to cause trouble or anything,” says Miss Watson, presumably doing just that. “Oh my god,” comes the reply from Louise – does she know what’s coming? 

“If he’s going to hear about this, I really think it needs to come from you,” says Lucy. What’s “this”? Is it really Louise playing away from home? It wouldn’t be the first time – a dalliance with Spencer ended her relationship with Jamie, and rumours of her infidelity brought her relationship with Andy crashing down last year. Could Louise have done the dirty once again? 


She and Alik still look thick as thieves on her Twitter account – but we’ll just have to wait till next week to see what fresh storm the pair must weather…