Bradley Cooper to produce Limitless TV series

The original writer, director and star of the 2011 big-screen pharmaceutical thriller are all set to work on the series


Fans looking for another dose of Limitless, the 2011 thriller starring Bradley Cooper, are in luck. The star is going to produce a TV series sequel.


The bad news is that Cooper won’t appear on camera. Instead the role of Brian Sinclair, a frustrated writer who becomes superintelligent after taking the mysterious drug NZT, will be played by an as yet unnamed actor. The Hollywood Reporter claim American network CBS has made a sizeable commitment to the TV series, with a pilot to be made by original director Neil Burger. Leslie Dixon, the film’s writer, will also serve as an executive producer.


It’s the first film from Cooper’s production company Relativity, and will continue the drug-addled story of the movie. Based on the novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn, Limitless made over $160 million worldwide in 2011. The TV series will join a raft of movies downsizing for the small screen, including Resident Evil  and the the Tom Hanks classic Big.