Thom Evans should have made it to the Strictly final says Steve Backshall

The Deadly 60 presenter thinks the former Scotland rugby player, who was voted out last Sunday, deserved to stay in the competition until the very end - though he says he know he won't make it that far himself

Fans of Strictly Come Dancing  as well as the show’s celebrity contestants  were left in shock last Sunday when former Scotland rugby player Thom Evans was voted out of the competition. 


Evans, who consistently placed in the middle of the leader board, found himself in the dreaded dance off opposite Simon Webbe in Sunday’s results show.

The judges struggled to decide who to send home before head judge Len opted to save Simon. But Steve Backshall reckons it was far from Thom’s time to leave the competition. In fact, he thinks he should have made it to the final. 

“He was just going to get better and better and better every week,” Steve told “I think he would have been there right through to the final and deserved to have been  and now he’s not going to get that opportunity.”

“Thom was my best pal on the series and it’s a whole different experience for me now he’s gone. I feel really sad that he’s moved on, more than if it had been anyone else, and the main reason for that is that Thom started from nothing, from absolute scratch. Over the last few weeks he totally embraced the whole Strictly thing. He really decided that he loved dancing.”

“I almost feel a bit guilty that I’m still in and he isn’t.” 

But the Deadly 60 presenter, who is performing a creepy skeleton-themed Charleston this weekend, isn’t worried about saying goodbye to the dance floor when his time comes.  

“To begin with for me it was all just about getting through to the next week, not humiliating myself and it not being the most horrible embarrassing experience ever. Now I’m starting to enjoy it a bit more,” Steve told us.

“This is not a long term thing for me. I’m not going to be in the late stages of the competition – I’ve always know that  and so when I go I will wave goodbye very fondly to what has been a fantastic and enjoyable experience. But I’m not going to feel at all bitter so therefore I don’t really feel that nervous when it comes to the elimination.”


Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 6:30pm on BBC1