Today is National Cat Boxing Day…

Yes, it's a thing. It's the day after National Cat Day. And involves cats. And boxes. Obviously.

The internet is a tricky mistress. Blink/go to the bathroom/eat lunch/speak to fellow humans and you miss something amazing. 


There we were yesterday writing away about Sherlock’s skills in the bedroom, this Saturday’s Strictly Halloween dances, celebrities doing impressions of each other and Daniel Radcliffe’s ability to flick chocolate from his forehead into his mouth, and we went and missed National Cat Day. 

National Cat Day. Of all the National days. When it comes to the world wide web that’s like missing Christmas. 

And so (bear with me here…) we declare today, Thursday 30th October, National Cat Boxing Day.

To celebrate? Cats in boxes. Obviously.  

Because cats really love boxes.


They love wearing them…


Hiding in them… 



Trying really hard to get in them… 

However small the box (and large the cat…)

Whatever happens to be IN the box. 

They just really, really love those cardboard creations… 

About as much as we, and the internet, loves cats. 


Are you a cat or a dog person?