The 10 best horror movies on TV this Halloween… and Paris Hilton in House of Wax

From The Exorcist to Evil Dead and Ghostbusters, find your horror movie of choice on TV this Friday 31st October

No need to rent anything this Halloween – there’s plenty of frights to be found on Freeview and Sky. Here are the 10 best halloween horror movies on TV this Friday 31st October.


Oh, and then there’s Paris Hilton being murdered in House of Wax… See? There’s something for everyone.

Head-turning classic: The Exorcist, 10pm Sky Select

RT says: “One of the most talked-about and reviled horror movies ever.”

Modern chills: Paranormal Activity, 11.10pm ITV

RT says: “It may not be particularly original in terms of content or style, but Oren Peli’s no-budget horror creates a surprisingly effective sense of dread.”

Funny ha-horror: Ghostbusters, 8pm Sky Sci-Fi/Horror

The original and still the best, but another sequel is on the way. Find out who Bill Murray thinks should be in Ghostbusters 3

Foreign fright: [Rec]3 Genesis, 11.40pm Film4

RT says: “Clara and Koldo are celebrating their wedding day at a swanky Barcelona mansion when all hell breaks loose during the reception party. Separated from each other, the newlyweds try to reunite, battling rabid hordes with everything at their disposal, including a chainsaw and a blender.”

One for scaredy cats: Casper, 7pm ITV2

And Clint Eastwood!

Best of the rest

Witchfinder General, 12.05am BBC2

“Vincent Price plays it straight for once as the cynical religious maniac instigating torture and degradation for pleasure and profit in an intense study of pathological cruelty.”

The Shining, 2am Sky Movies Horror/Sci Fi

“Trust Stanley Kubrick to be different: this horror film chills rather than shocks, works by stealth and provides nothing but eerie discomfort.”

The Evil Dead, 12.45am Movie Mix

“Vicious zombies, giggling ghouls and hideous demons: the only way to kill them is to hack them to pieces, so sit back and watch the body parts and viscera fly in this essential 1980s horror.”

American Mary, 11.45pm Sky Movies Premiere

“A debt-ridden medical student takes up a lucrative sideline in extreme body modification in this pulverising horror from the Soska twins.”

Poltergeist 11.55pm Channel 5

“Evil spirits enter the home of a typical suburban American family through their possessed television set in this spectacular horror film, co-produced and co-written by Steven Spielberg.”

So bad it’s good?

House of Wax, 11.50pm ITV2


Paris Hilton dies!