Missy is the Master say Doctor Who fans

The votes are in - have our readers cracked the big series eight mystery?

**And you were right!**

Since her first appearance in series eight opener Deep Breath, Doctor Who fans have been wondering about the identity of mysterious new character Missy (Michelle Gomez), who continually hints at a prior relationship with the Doctor.


Over 6,000 votes were cast in our poll to find the most popular theory, and we can now reveal that most people believe Missy is… a new female incarnation of the Doctor’s old enemy the Master.

A Time Lord contemporary of the Doctor, the Master later became his greatest foe in a series of classic stories. He was most recently played by John Simm in the Tenth Doctor’s 2010 final episode, where he appeared to get trapped in the Time War – but could the events of 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor have resulted in his freedom and regeneration?

We won’t know for sure until Saturday night, but some fans had some compelling reasons to back up their theory.

Roo Woods: “Seems pretty obvious to me Missy sounds like Mistress, a Mistress is the female version of a master. Its the Master regenerated to a female form. Simples.”

Ana Kerle: “I’m still holding on to the theory of Missy being The Master. Yes, they didn’t have that kind of relationship, but The Master is also, well, insane. Compared to some of the ideas he’s had (like turning everyone in the world into himself) it’s actually a bit mild for him.”

Emma McQuiggan: “I think The Master theory makes a lot of sense, and it would be really interesting to have a female Master.”

Other theories in the poll varied from Missy being a human incarnation of the Tardis to an evil version of Clara, with a few other classic characters also thrown into the mix.

The second most popular idea was that Missy is some kind of incarnation of God or Death (she does seem to hang out with the deceased a lot), while bringing up the rear was the idea that she is a regeneration of the Fourth Doctor’s Gallifreyan companion Romana.

Of course, we’ll have to wait until Saturday evening to know for sure – I don’t know about you, but my money’s still on the T-rex…

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Doctor Who: Dark Water is on BBC 1 this Saturday (1st November) at 8:15pm