Make your own Maleficent horns for Halloween

Channel Angelina Jolie's vibe this Halloween by making your own version of the evil fairy's iconic horns


This year Disney gave the traditional tale of Sleeping Beauty a makeover, with evil fairy Maleficient taking centre stage.


Angelina Jolie took on the title role, in a live action film which explored the unknown story of the villainous protagonist.

Maleficent’s bewitching presence is literally capped off by her iconic horns, which take several forms in the film, namely in the various materials wrapped around them.

Who better than this evil fairy for a night of Halloween fun? We joined Judy Bentick, a master milliner and instructor at the London College of Fashion to find out just how to make our own:

First up, you need a base. We used Buckram fabric which can be moulded when wet. An old baseball cap with the peak cut off may be a good alternative. If the material is scratchy, best to stitch some smooth material around the edge.

Bend two pieces of wire to the desired shape and wrap with wadding, putting small stitches where necessary to keep the wadding in place. Add more wadding at the base of the horns to get the right shape. This won’t be seen so no need to be too neat.

Slice the ends off so they’re flat. Using strips of black material (around 2 inches wide) cover the wadding, with discreet stitches to hold in place.

The base of the horns now need to be stitched to the hat. A good tip is to sew a small round wire circle into the end of each horn. Then as you stitch through the hat and into the horns, you can loop over the wire for extra support.

Now it’s time to add something a bit glitzy. We super glued black sequins to the front and cut to the right shape.

Drape material over the remaining areas of hat that can be seen, adding small stitches to hold in place.

Here is the final product:

See Judy’s class in action:


Maleficent is available to buy on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD download now