Interstellar… according to the wisdom of Sir Michael Caine

The veteran actor was on fine form at a press conference for the sci-fi epic

Michael Caine on…science

“I’m a very good amateur gardener, so I see quite a lot of wormholes. But now I’ve seen the movie, we’ve been through the wormhole, and we know what’s on the other side: special effects.”


Michael Caine on…Christopher Nolan

“I’ve had six pictures with Christopher and every one was a hit. So when he said ‘do you want to do a movie?’ I said ‘yes.’ When he said ‘do you want to read the script?’ I said ‘no.’”

Michael Caine on…the future

“I’m 81, so I’m positive about the future.”

Michael Caine on…why celluloid film is superior to digital

“If you have film instead of digital, they have to cut eventually, so you don’t have to learn all those lines. With digital it goes on forever, it’s a nightmare. So I like film, I like short takes.”

On his ecological footprint

“I was so poor for so long. I didn’t have a car, I didn’t eat very much. I think the world owed me a debt, so I’ve been eating very well and have had a big car for a long time.”


Interstellar is on general release in the UK from Tuesday 7th November