Former Hollyoaks star Roxanne McKee: People don’t know how hard soap acting really is

The Game of Thrones actress is now in Syfy series Dominion - but she hasn't forgotten her soap roots


She’s moved on from soaps, but former Hollyoaks star Roxanne McKee has no time for those dissing the genre.


“People in soaps often get a hard time and I think that’s a real shame,” she said, “because they are given scripts sometimes ten minutes before they walk into a scene.

“And they definitely don’t have the time to spend on a scene that you would if you were doing a film.”

The actress, who played Louise Summers in the soap until 2008, added: “At Hollyoaks they’re filming 13, 14 scenes a day, and it’s a very fast turnaround. A lot of kudos should be given to the people who make soaps, because they’re getting work out on the screen every night of the week.” 

McKee is now starring in SyFy series Dominion, a spin-off from Paul Bettany’s 2010 film Legion which sees angels wage war against mankind and also stars Anthony Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Merlin) and Alan Dale (Ugly Betty, The OC).

Some eagle-eyed Londoners might have spotted a winged angel dangling above the city skyline on Wednesday to promote the fantasy drama, but anyone who missed out on the spectacle can watch an introductory video to the series below.

“It’s the battle between mankind and God, or good and evil, or light and dark – but it’s a bit muddier than that description would have you believe,” McKee said.

“My character Claire goes from being this very innocent girl to being a bit of a political animal by the end of it.”

A tale of power struggles set in a fantasy world, Dominion isn’t a million miles away from another series McKee appeared in – HBO’s Game of Thrones, where she portrayed a handmaiden to Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke)

“I feel really pleased to be a part of both shows,” the actress said. “I feel really lucky, really privileged, really pleased. The writing on Game of Thrones is so utterly brilliant.”

And while her Game of Thrones character Doreah was left trapped in a sealed vault at the end of series two, McKee doesn’t rule out a return.

“Obviously how I went out is different to the books – I could, in theory come back,” she said. Watch this space…


Dominion starts tonight (Thursday 30 October) at 10pm on Syfy