Doctor Who: Who is Missy? The best of your theories

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Ok now, it was fun for a bit – but seriously, who is Missy?!?!


Ten episodes into this series of Doctor Who, we’re still flummoxed as to the identity of Michelle Gomez’s character, who has appeared at the end of several episodes being all cryptic.

Missy lives in a place called Heaven, might be called “The Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere”, has tea parties with the dead and calls the Doctor her boyfriend – but is she friend or foe?

We’ve had our go at working out exactly who she is, and frankly we’re drawing a blank – so here are the best of your theories.

She’s a female version of The Master

Most recently played by John Simm in 2010, The Master is a rogue Time Lord bent on world domination

Roo Woods: “Seems pretty obvious to me Missy sounds like Mistress, a Mistress is the female version of a master. Its the Master regenerated to a female form. Simples.”

Ana Kerle: “I’m still holding on to the theory of Missy being The Master. Yes, they didn’t have that kind of relationship, but The Master is also, well, insane. Compared to some of the ideas he’s had (like turning everyone in the world into himself) it’s actually a bit mild for him.”

Emma McQuiggan: “I think The Master theory makes a lot of sense, and it would be really interesting to have a female Master.”

She’s a future version of Clara

Jenna Coleman’s companion to the Doctor was sent back into his timeline to save his life countless times – could Missy be one of these incarnations?

Nathan Weedon: “What if this Nanny Mcphee character happens to be another version of Clara, who has always had some relevance to nannying people? Perhaps a darker version. Just throwing it out there.”

Stephen Jun Yee: “I was under the impression that the one who placed the ad, and “Missy” was a future alternate version of Clara.”

Michael Cope: “I also like the theory of her being a version of Clara. When Clara jumped into the Doctor’s timeline, her mortal life was spread out over 2,000+ years which would make anyone crazy. That also implies her entire existence is devoted to watching after the Doctor so of course she views him as her boyfriend.”

She’s the Tardis

In 2011 episode the Doctor’s Wife, the Tardis gained a human form called Idris – could Missy be another version of the time machine?

Samantha Proudlock: “We thought she was another incarnation of the TARDIS. She referred to the Doctor as her boyfriend, did the biting thing towards the camera, was as prim as Idris was in “The Doctors Wife”, and having stolen the Doctor, decided to keep him…

“Also, there was something very TARDIS like about the garden itself, even the fountain looked like the central console!!”

Justin Naugle: “She also has a white bit of cloth on her hip. The same side the phone box is on the TARDIS exterior. Her brackets were spiky and mechanical looking and she had a green streak in her hair that seem to be some kind of clue.”

Justin Kenny: “ I may be wrong on this, but when she began swinging her umbrella [at the end of episode 1], it resembled the sound of the tardis as it was taking off and then she began spinning. Just a thought…”

She’s River Song

Played by Alex Kingston, River Song was the time-displaced wife of Matt Smith’s Eleventh doctor, who like him could regenerate to another appearance (though this ability was later lost)

Craig Moorhouse: “The Doctor had a perfect opportunity to place River’s disembodied consciousness into a fob or pocket watch when he was saying goodbye to her at Trenzalore – he did this once before at the Library ( and Silence in the Library” was written by Moffat ) Everything points to MIssy being River Song.”

JB Lee: “She’s a dark incarnation of River Song,the equivalent of the War Doctor. Took place before she gave up her remaining regenerations. Her real name is Mississippi. River, get it?”

She’s a female Time Lord – probably Romana or The Rani

Romana was a Time Lord in the classic series who travelled with Tom Baker’s fourth Doctor (both pictured above – actress Lalla Ward also briefly married Baker), while the Rani was a renegade Time Lord scientist who had little interest in the ethics of her experiments

David Jordan: “She could be Romana. Romana was believed to have had a romantic relationship with the Doctor even tho it was never brought out on screen. She was left in a slightly parallel dimension called E-Space (Nethersphere) by a large gate in the serial Warriors’ Gate (The Gatekeeper). She would have reason to help the Doctor and she could have regenerated to look different since she is a Time Lady. I think it adds up.”

Linda Hubbard: “I still like the Rani theory as she was a renegade time lord and it had been the original intention that she would come back in a future episode but never did in the classic series.”

Bill Mueller: “Giant dino? Knows the doctor? Sounds like the Rani to me…”

Graham Paice: “I think there is a real movement to have a female timelord especially since the doctor regenerated into an older male. The garden definitely looked like a tardis. I think it’s Romana for sure!”

Theodore Trout: “Lalla Ward’s Romana looking for back alimony.”

She’s the Valeyard

Appearing in 1986 serial The Trial of a Time Lord, the Valeyard was an representation of the darker sides of the Doctor’s nature somewhere between his twelfth and final incarnation

Jason Venator: “She is the Valeyard. Is any one listening? I’ve been saying this from day one. It is Canon that the Valeyard is the sum of the Doctor’s darkness and originates sometime during his 12th regen. Valeyard Valeyard Valeyard!”

Matt Crowe: “My first thought was definitely the Rani but then it hit me when I read this. The Master said that the Valeyard was born out of all the Doctor’s darker aspects between his twelfth and final incarnations. Flip it to final and twelfth and you have Matt Smith’s Doctor and Peter Capaldi’s Doctor.”

She’s literally Death, or God

Jeffrey Wood: “She is Death, long known to be the Doctor’s constant companion. 🙂 Duh. Also, this is seen in the title of the final episode: “Death in Heaven”.”

Paul Muino: “I think she meant boyfriend as he flirts with death.”

Daniel Burnett: “Here’s an idea: maybe she is just Death (or God, or the Grim Reaper, or whatever other name you call it–the one who brings peoples’ souls/essences/personalities/etc. to the Nethersphere), and her recent interest in the Doctor is because he was supposed to die after Eleven.”

Ken Wiggins: “At the end of “Caretaker” the policeman looks out of the window and exclaims “My God!”. At this point Missy appears in the hallway, looks at them both, and turns and walks down the hall. Chris Addison’s character looks at he policeman and says “Sorry, She’s a bit busy today” Soooo, is Missy God?”

She’s….well, these are a bit unlikely

Lessell Gibbs: “Consider: The consciousness of the Nanny from the episode “The bells of saint john” inhabiting the dead body of Clara from the same episode.”

Edward Song: “One possibility not mentioned is Madame [du] Pompadour’s brain in a cyborg.”

Jon Prive: “She’s the T-Rex”

So has anyone solved it? Or is the answer still out there? Vote now, or forever hold your peace (at least until she pops up again, anyway).


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