Shakespeare v Elizabethan witches in a new US series is spookily similar to a Doctor Who episode

Shakespeare's Sisters will be made by American network the CW, but bears a passing resemblance to a 2007 episode of Doctor Who...

Ever wanted to see a young William Shakespeare battle the forces of evil in Elizabethan Britain? Of course you have, you’re only human – and now it looks like your luck might be in.


Newly-announced US series Shakespeare’s Sisters will see a young William Shakespeare caught in a deadly battle between three witches and Queen Elizabeth I in 1590s London (yes, it might concern scholars in terms of its pinpoint historical accuracy).

Shakespeare’s Sisters aims to combine the wit and heart of 1998 film Shakespeare in Love with the grit of HBO’s Game of Thrones, according to The Hollywood Reporter. However, the producers are clearly forgetting their true inspiration – 2007 Doctor Who episode The Shakespeare code, which saw Shakespeare (Dean Lennox Kelly) team up with the Doctor (David Tennant) to take down – you guessed it – three witches. 

Refresh your memory with this clip:

For any literature fans, it’s also worth noting that the series takes place before the playwright wrote Macbeth (famously including three nasty witches), so presumably the epic action will serve as inspiration for Shakespeare’s later works. Here’s hoping for a floating skull that lands on someone’s outstretched arm as another fun flashforward.

NCIS star Mark Harmon is developing the series with American network the CW (who make superhero series Arrow and Flash), with Scott Sullivan on writing duty and Brad Silberling directing.


Sadly, there’s no word on whether the series will be soundtracked by alt-pop group Shakespears Sister, or at least feature the Smiths’ classic track Shakespeare’s Sister as the theme song. Online petition, anyone?