New Doctor Who finale pictures show Cybermen, selfies – and a possible link to Gus

Dark Water sees the Cybermen take London. But what are Missy's plans for the Doctor? And do new pictures hint at her connection to the villain of Mummy on the Orient Express?

The first part of the Doctor Who series finale lands this Saturday, and it’s looking pretty intriguing. These new pictures show the Cybermen storming London, presumably under the direction of the mysterious Missy (Michelle Gomez) – but why is everyone just happily taking selfies with them rather than, say, running screaming?


We also get another look at Missy’s henchmen Seb (Chris Addison) in the throes of manic glee, Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson) in an appropriately coloured shirt and the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Clara (Jenna Coleman) meeting a mysterious figure in his office. Might he hold the answers to their predicament?

One picture showing Seb through an oddly-shaped window also makes us think of an earlier monocled villain in the series – Mummy on the Orient Express’s upper-class AI Gus (John Sessions). Coincidence? Or were Missy and Seb behind Gus all along?

Alternatively, the window bears passing resemblance to a Cyberman eye – have they had the interior decorators in from Mondas?

We also couldn’t help but notice a vintage Cyberman helmet in the main episode image – perhaps a remnant from the previous Cyberman attack on London in 1968’s Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) serial The Invasion? Interestingly, the shot of the new Cybermen striding down the steps in front of St Paul’s is also a replication of that classic story, and while it could simply be a homage it might have a deeper connection.

Take a look at the pictures below and decide for yourself.

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