Can you name the Doctor Who episode from just Matt Smith’s facial expression?

Are you a Matt Smith superfan? Take our toughest ever Eleventh Doctor quiz and find out...

Karen Gillan, Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill in Doctor Who (BBC)

The Eleventh Doctor loved to accessorise. From fezzes to bow ties and cowboy hats, he raided the dressing up box more than any previous Time Lord. But what if we took all of that away? The true fan would be able to name the episode from just his facial expression, the way he wrinkles his forehead or juts his chin, without relying on his costume. Or indeed, any background or context at all.


It’s the toughest ever Matt Smith quiz people, the one that will separate the Impossible Girls from the Raggedy Men. Can you get 19 out of Eleven? (Or is that Twelve?)