Daniel Radcliffe tries to impersonate an affectionate snake

The Harry Potter actor got up close and personal with some slithering serpents during the filming of his latest movie Horns


Daniel Radcliffe is a clever guy – his smart choice of films post-Potter is evidence enough – but he was missing a brain cell or two when he agreed to sign on to Horns without being sure whether he was scared of snakes or not. The 25-year-old actor admitted to RadioTimes.com that he agreed to play Ig Perrish in the fantasy thriller before he knew how he felt about the slithering serpents who share much of his screen time. “It turns out I”m very comfortable with them.”


So comfortable, in fact, that he was more than willing to allow one to share his own body heat during filming. “She loved me because I was warm so she could chill out on me.” An affectionate snake – it turns out that’s a thing. So much so that Radcliffe even attempted an impression of one just for us. See above for more…


Horns is released in UK cinemas on Wednesday 29th October