Casualty spoilers: Dylan Keogh set to clash with Connie, reveals actor Will Beck

"Dylan’s not very good at being told what to do, and it’s fair to say they have a few tussles over cases"


With Dylan Keogh having made a surprise return to Casualty last Saturday, we found out how actor Will Beck feels about returning to the ED for the first time since 2012 and why Dylan will be locking horns with Connie…


So how does it feel to be back?
After two years away, it feels strange but yet very similar. I don’t think an enormous amount has changed here in Cardiff, but the show’s moved on. There are one or two changes in the ED, and the most significant one is the fact that Connie’s here, so to be back in the show now for me as an actor is an exciting opportunity to refresh a character that I enjoyed playing a lot. I think for the show it’s an opportunity to be sarcastic with impunity. 

What can we expect from Dylan this time around?
I hesitate to say – more of the same! There’s perhaps a little bit more about his back story – where he lives and who he lives with, his domestic arrangements. From the story’s point of view, we get a good opportunity to see how Dylan reacts in the curiously adverse conditions of walking into a hospital that’s suffering from budgetary cuts and an opportunity to see how he deals with being given more responsibility.

Can you elaborate on Dylan’s domestic arrangements?
I can’t say too much but Dylan is still nautical at heart. He lives on the high seas – Holby being renowned for its marina! Dylan’s slightly complicated personal life has now intertwined two females. One of them unfortunately is a dog…but the other one isn’t. So we get to see swiftly what that’s all about.

When we last caught up with Dylan he was hung up on Sam, who is now with Tom. What kind of place is Dylan’s head at now?
Dylan’s at a much better place now than when we last saw him. Sam and Tom, I hope both in real life and ficitionally are very happy together. All Dylan ever wanted for Sam was happiness – perhaps less so for Tom, but if one thing leads to another, he’s happy. They’re long gone now and he feels that the coast is clear.

The dust has settled and he can come back, and emotionally he seems to be in a better place. There’s always the possibility that skeletons might come emerging from cupboards, and we’ll see how much he’s got over Sam. He’s relieved not to be married; he’s relieved not to be working with his ex-wife, and he’s certainly relieved not to be working with his ex-wife’s new partner.

Do you think he will rekindle his friendship with Zoe?
It would be a strange thing if Dylan and Zoe were not to maintain their friendship. With Dylan, I always like to imagine that nobody is too instrumental to his life. He seems to muddle through, wander in and wander off as much as he feels like. Zoe is an attraction at Holby for him, but he’s been elsewhere in the interim. He’s seen many things and many places. The fact that he’s now back here will also inform his relationship with Zoe, who of course has had her own traumas since Dylan’s been away.

How does Dylan feel about Connie?
Connie is attractive in a professional way. There’s a spark of recognition between the two of them, but there’s always the opportunity for the two colours to clash. She’s someone he may have been aware of during his time at Holby before, of course, when she was working upstairs, but to be on the end of her as the Clinical Lead at the ED is a rollercoaster ride all of its own.

Dylan’s not very good at being told what to do, and it’s fair to say they have a few tussles over cases, but on the whole they muscle through together – for now. I’m actually genuinely as intrigued to know where that’s going to go as you are, because at the moment I really don’t know!


What’s the thing you’re looking forward to the most about reprising the role?
He just chimes with me in a way that a lot of parts don’t. People will pronounce on him various medical conditions, or say that he’s not an accurate depiction of what a doctor can be, but I’m pretty certain he is. I’ve met people like that.