X Factor finalist Jake Quickenden wants to head for the jungle next

The singer's got plenty of plans for his music career, but there’s another show he’s ready to (quite literally) get his teeth into

This weekend Jake Quickenden became the fifth act to be voted out of the X Factor and although he’s excited about getting a contract and releasing his own music, there’s another show he fancies a crack at.


“I’d go to the jungle and do I’m A Celebrity,” Quickenden tells RadioTimes.com. “Mate, I’d do anything like that. Give me a camel testicle, I’ll stick it in my mouth, I’m not bothered. I’d eat the stuff, I think it’d be great.

“At the end of the day I’m some guy from Scunthorpe who used to work at McDonalds who was then a bricklayer who played a bit of football and who’s living the dream,” he adds.

Quickenden has done some presenting before and says he’d love to get back into that and perhaps do a bit of acting. But doesn’t that mean singing will kind of take a back seat?

“I’d love to just be on TV and do that, but singing will always be my love. Once my own music and my original stuff gets released, I think a few ears will perk up,” he says adding, “I don’t think it’ll be what people will expect from me. I’m quite excited to get my own stuff out there because it’s what I’ve written, it’s about my life.”

But while he’s confident about the future, the first of mentor Mel B’s boys to be sent home does admit he thought it was his time to go.

“I had bad comments on Saturday. I didn’t do as well as I should have. Then Simon said the sing-off [against Only the Young] was terrible. I thought we both sang pretty well considering where we were and how we’d just been thrown back on stage and we had to sing for our lives.

“I knew I didn’t have the strongest voice, but it wasn’t The Voice, it was the X Factor.”

Even Louis Walsh had a stab at Quickenden, saying he should spend less time in the gym and more time with the vocal coach.

“Louis is Louis. He says all kinds of s***. I spend what, an hour in the gym, and I was rehearsing for seven. So it didn’t really make a difference. That hour gives your mind a little break to actually do something that calms you down a little bit.

“I think this year all of the judges are quite cutting. Louis gave me stick, Simon gave me stick. Louis actually apologised. I think it’s the pantomime of it.”

Quickenden did counter the comment by joking he’d take Louis down the gym. But it doesn’t look like that’ll be happening anytime soon.

“I don’t think he’d be able to lift anything,” Quickenden laughs. “He’d probably put his back out. He’s a really nice guy and if he wants a personal training session, I’ll just up my prices,” he adds with a grin.

So, having tried out for the competition twice, will we be seeing more of Jake Quickenden standing on the ‘X’?

“Again? Oh, no way. I’m not one of them who goes back every year,” he says laughing he’d arrive back yelling, ‘Back again!’”

And while Quickenden’s money is on Paul Akister, Jack Walton or Ben Haenow to win, he says there’s a secret weapon in Mr Walsh’s group.

“Stereo Kicks have a secret weapon in James, the lead singer. He’s incredible. Personally, I think he’s one of the best singers in that competition. If he gets it right every week, people are in trouble.”


The X Factor continues Saturday and Sunday on ITV