Louise Thompson still has her doubts as Alik Alfus fights to prove his innocence on Made in Chelsea

There was trouble in paradise for MIC's power couple after Jamie's allegation that Alik played away from home

For anyone sick of Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson and Alik Alfus’ endless snogging and petting, this week was something of a respite. The couple – who met during MIC’s sojourn to New York City – were at odds during tonight’s episode following revelations from Jamie that the American had been playing away from home. 


Rumours of his infidelity first emerged at the end of last week’s episode when a worried Mr Laing informed Louise’s brother Sam that he’d caught wind of Alik getting with someone on a night out with Proudlock. 

Fast-forward a week and solemn Sam gatecrashed his sister’s lunch date to drop the bombshell. “I’m in shock,” said Louise. “Is this a joke? What the f**k? It’s so weird, I can’t even cope. What is wrong with men? I can’t be in another relationship where I don’t trust somebody.

“When there’s a rumour someone’s cheating, what’s the probability it’s not going to be true? This is why I live my life in anxiety about this kind of stuff.” A snapshot of life as one of Spencer Matthews’ (many) jilted ex-girlfriends.

It didn’t look hopeful, especially with Louise’s revelation that Alik had received a text the day after said night out from a mysterious third party, announcing, “Hey, it’s the girl from last night.” The plot thickens… 

The man under suspicion deserved a chance to explain – although when it came to it, there was far more shouting than the calm reasoning that might have absolved him from guilt. “I’m f**king furious,” he raged. “I haven’t f**ked up at all.

“I travelled around the goddamn world to be with you, I tried to make you feel like a goddamn queen. The fact you think it’s happened is obnoxious to me. This is a joke.”

But doth perma-tanned, toothy Alik protest too much? That was certainly Louise’s fear as she raked over the pair’s encounter with Binky the next day. “That angry, defensive reaction reeks of guilt. It was as though he’d prepared that in case I ever confronted him.” 

Meanwhile, Alik strode into Jamie’s office to confront the source. “By ignoring the fact I’m your buddy and by eavesdropping, you’ve created a situation where the girl I love can’t look at me in the same way. I don’t know if she’s ever going to trust me and look at me the way she’s done in the past.”

We couldn’t make up our minds. Were the wounded, puppy-dog eyes for real? We’ve seen that act before – we’re looking at you, Alex Mytton – but Alik looked genuinely upset. 

Jamie certainly wasn’t convinced – “I know what a joke sounds like and it didn’t sound like a joke” – but Louise chose to buy it… for now. “I’ve just got to trust you, then,” she told her repentant boyfriend. “Let’s just bury it. Everything can just resume as normal.”

Proudlock added his own heft to Alik’s case, swearing he could “100% vouch that nothing happened, hand on heart”. 

But jump ahead to next week and Louise doesn’t look so convinced… 

“That text would drive me absolutely mental,” Rosie is seen observing to Louise, somewhat unhelpfully. “I just really don’t want to be the girl who’s saying, ‘Can I check your phone?'” came the anxious reply. 

And Alik is equally indignant. “If you’re going to be my girlfriend, you’ve got to trust me. If you’re not going to trust me I don’t want to do it,” he says, before watching Louise make a mysterious phonecall (presumably to the girl in question). Look out for fireworks next week…


Made in Chelsea continues next Monday at 9:00pm on E4