Coronation Street spoilers: Tracy to go on the run with Rob? Kate Ford interview

And will Tracy end up abandoning her daughter Amy in the process?

With the police set to close in on Rob next week, the beleaguered killer will make a last-ditch attempt to secure his future by calling up Tracy and begging her for cash.


But when Tracy decides to meet up with the man she loves, she’s soon questioning whether she can live her life without Rob. Will Tracy go on the run with Rob? And will she end up abandoning her daughter Amy in the process? Actress Kate Ford reveals more about her character’s desperate decision…

Have Tracy’s feelings for Rob changed after finding out the truth about Tina’s murder?
She still loves him and wants to find out why he did it. She wants to be able to forgive him, but she is frustrated by him. She knows he is a good person really, but she is devastated by what he has done. She can’t understand why he confessed.

Is she frightened of him?
No, she’s not frightened of him at all. It’s more that she’s worried about him and where he is.

Does she blame Carla or Peter for any of this?
She doesn’t blame Peter for any of it. She blames Carla for everything.

How is she coping with his disappearance?
She’s desperate – she wants to know where he is. She’s heartbroken and she feels like her whole world has collapsed. She just wants to find him.

Tell us what Rob says when he phones her…
He asks her to bring money and she tells him that the police are watching her every move. He tells her he loves her and that he is really sorry and didn’t mean to do this and realises he’s risking losing everything. She agrees to go and see him because he begs her really.

What goes through Tracy’s mind as she tries to decide whether to leave with him or not? Does he ask her to run away with him?
He doesn’t ask her – he tells her she needs to leave because he doesn’t want to put her in danger. But she says that she can’t live without him. She doesn’t want to go back to prison, but she can’t face the future without the man she loves. She can’t imagine living without him.

Are you shocked that she’d even consider leaving Amy?
I am a bit, but then she is so madly in love with him. She isn’t thinking straight. Her thoughts are all over the place.

Tell us about the moment she sees him again? What are her emotions?
She is furious with him for hurting her, so when she first sees him she flies at him and is screaming and shouting. But they do calm down and start talking – she loves him and she can still see that he loves her. She’s also really pleased to see him as well. She just adores him. 

What are her emotions as she spends time with Amy?
She keeps her of school and they watch films and she doesn’t stop crying the whole day basically. Her head is just full of conflicting thoughts. She has almost gone a bit crazy. She’s in shock – she is on a different planet. Her feelings are so strong for Rob that she is seriously considering losing everything for him – even her daughter.

Has Tracy surprised you this time around?
I think a lot of people think Tracy is so selfish and that she doesn’t love Amy as much as she should. But I have always tried to play the fact that she does adore her daughter, but she is not the best mother. People might be surprised about the emotion she is showing, but I’m not and it is good to show her more vulnerable side, to see her hurting. 

Do you think viewers will sympathise with her in all of this?
I hope so. I hope they will see a softer side to her and a more human side.

Have you enjoyed this storyline? The Bonnie and Clyde relationship with Rob, for instance?
I’ve loved it – I’ve enjoyed playing Tracy with a softer side and not always so aggressive. There has been some good comedy too and working with Marc Baylis [Rob] has been fantastic. I am looking forward to what is coming up now too as Tracy is at her worst when she is hurting, so watch this space.

Are you sad to say goodbye to Marc?
I am – he was a great calming influence on me, but he lives quite near me in London so I plan to keep in touch with him. 

Do you root for a Rob and Tracy reunion at some point?
I respect Marc’s wish to go off and do his own thing, but it would be great if he came back at some point because I have loved working with him.


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