Daniel Radcliffe vs Russell Brand in ‘World’s Horniest Man’ competition

Jonathan Ross finds out which star knows the most about horned animals in bizarre backstage quiz

Actor Daniel Radcliffe joined Jonathon Ross on his chat show last night to talk all about his new film Horns. 


Radcliffe plays Ig Perrish in the supernatural thriller, a young American accused of killing his girlfriend Merrin Wililams (played by Juno Temple).

Eventually horns grow out of his character’s head, so of course that means Radcliffe knows all about which animals have horns right? Well, Ross wanted to put that to the test, so called on fellow guest Russell Brand to compete in what is bound to be the inaugural World’s Horniest Man competition (at least in this meaning of the competition), complete with a man with a bell on his head. 

Want to know who won? Watch on…