Tim Wonnacott Strictly Final Diary

"How terribly sad now to have to be watching Strictly from the sidelines! There is an emotional internal void that is going to take time to fill."

Despite all of my bluster about being in it to win it I always knew that my chances were pretty slim, in spite of my best efforts. I would have loved a crack at a couple more ballroom numbers though. I would have been dancing an American Smooth tonight and boy was I looking forward to it! 


My only ballroom dance the waltz suited me much better than the Latin. The Cha Cha Cha, Paso Doble and Charleston were fun but the judges didn’t like all the messing about with props and characters, although that is what was choreographed and I was taught to do. 

One has to be brave in what is, after all, an eliminating competition but I have to say it is tough when the outpouring of anguish and ululation this week having left on Sunday has borne a fair resemblance to a  bereavement and that has been enough to make anyone’s stiff upper lip tremble!

What will I miss the most? Apart from all the dancers and the camaraderie, perhaps the spray tan! There was a lovely girl who took me into a little tent once a week and sprayed me up, which I really enjoyed but I can’t see myself having one ordinarily. 

The weight loss was also good news. I lost over two stone, which in the time scale is pretty impressive. My wife says that the last time I was in such good shape was before she married me 30 years ago!

And then there is Twitter. I have always been a red-hot emailer but I had never bothered with Twitter before. Exposing myself to all those wide spread and diverse opinions and views has been a revelation. Some of them are a bit peculiar but the majority are fascinating and it is a great way of connecting.

Choosing who I’d like to win is tricky. Pixie and Trent, Jake and Janette, Caroline and Pasha and Frankie and Kevin are all so fantastic. Frankly any one of them could win it with my blessing… even Scotty could get to the final on his wave of public support. Although, if his dancing skills are anything to go by he will go this week, closely followed by Judy next week. And then you are into the middle ground…

How long can Alison sustain her performances? Will Sunetra keep getting better? Will Simon and Mark find themselves ever in the bottom two again (wow that was a surprise). There are storm clouds brewing over all of them. And then you have Thom Evans, who is not only the acme of physical perfection, he is also an awfully nice young man and I particularly wish him all the best.

The tour has been offered, which I am considering because what jolly fun it would be to journey around Britain with all of my newfound friends and the lovely Natalie to do some of my dances again! But for the time being I’ll be watching from my sofa and crossing my fingers for all of my mates.


Strictly Come Dancing continues tonight at 6:30pm on BBC1