Six things we learned from Benedict Cumberbatch on The Graham Norton Show

Looks like he can say "penguins" after all...

Last night Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch turned up on The Graham Norton Show – and everyone was pretty excited. He was there (alongside Timothy Spall and Miranda Hart) to talk about his upcoming role as mathematician Alan Turing in The Imitation Game – but we picked up a few other tidbits as well…


He’s been to the Star Wars set – but won’t say if he’s in it

As we reported yesterday, he had a resounding “no comment” to any questions about his involvement – but he did say that visiting the set was “incredible”.

Still, you can add Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks to his already impressive list of impressions.

Though he’s not too proud of it – “You don’t make much money out of doing a good Jar Jar,” he told the audience. Clearly dissembling – clearly he’s taking over the role for the new films (Check it out for yourself in the video below).

He might actually be able to say penguins after all

“Apparently I got it wrong repeatedly in a documentary,” the actor said. “Now I’m completely terrified of the word, and I won’t go near it.”

Still, he managed to say it after some encouragement. Looks like he’ll manage all the Penguins of Madagascar press after all.

He had an awkward experience with a championship swimmer…

When presenting an award to a young American Olympic gold-winning swimmer called Missy Franklin, Cumberbatch expressed amazement at her commitment to the training necessary to achieve such great things.

He said: “I’m getting stiff even listening to you.”

Whoops…even more embarassingly, when he went to apologise she hadn’t noticed the joke so he actually had to explain it to her.

He does a mean pop star walk

Helping Miranda Hart show off her walking skills, BC couldn’t help but steal the show. Does a catwalk career beckon? 

After photobombing U2 earlier this year, he’ll now photobomb just about anything – including himself

When Cumberbatch met Cumberwax for the first time, there was only one way to appropriately commemorate the moment…


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