Simon Cowell brands Louis Walsh a “disgraceful” X Factor mentor

Cowell tells Stereo Kicks they can be mentored by him after Walsh's comments that the boy band is too big

Simon Cowell tonight called fellow X Factor judge and mentor Louis Walsh “disgraceful” for his comments made last week about boy band Stereo Kicks being too big. 


Walsh was seen on Xtra Factor saying he’d never wanted eight boys in the band, with rumours following that two boys would be cut.

“What you did as a mentor was disgraceful,” Simon said, telling the eight-piece boy band that if they wanted him as their mentor to let him know. 

Cowell added that what he admired most about the situation was that the boys “stuck together”, earning a standing ovation from Cowell, Walsh and Mel B for their The Beatles mash-up during tonight’s movie-themed live show. 

To his credit Walsh was seen apologising to the band backstage, saying that he wears his heart on his sleeve and sometimes says things he shouldn’t. 

Band member James joked that they’d forgive him “this time”. 


What with Cheryl hopping up and swapping into Louis’s seat tonight, who knows, maybe we’ll see musical mentors…